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As you can clearly see on the map, there are varying levels of profitability across each of the 48 contiguous states. Surprisingly,Texas seems to be doing the worst. Apparently everything is bigger in Texas, if we're referring to losses.

Here we have a wild line graph in its natural habitat, I wouldn't play with it too much if i were you. The trends here look very aggressive and it might bite if you aren't careful. Unsuprisingly, the profitability peaks during the holiday seaon, and then crashes afterwards. Probably due to the fact that everyone overshops using their credit card and then spends the next two months living out of food storage and trying to pay down their bill.

On to the next one, we identify the differences in profitability across the three main categories of products. It is interesting that while Technology and Office Supplies are performing so well, furniture is not looking as hot. I wonder if it has anything to do with the ridiculous cost to rent out a broom closet in most places in California...

Here we have a graphic representation of what could easily pass for the stock market, but is actually the quantity of sales placed in California, tracked by month. We once again see the significant drop off after Christmas time, making Q1 probably a tough time for most businesses in the industry. Another interesting note is the unpredicability of the future, as displayed by the very wide 95% confidence interval. At the end of 2015 we can only be sure that we are in a ballpark that is 200 sales wide. It doesn't take statistics to figure that one out.

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